Take A Seat And Look


Streets Against War

This was shot on 294 walls in Turkish cities. Incredible work.


Go All Day | Nigel Sylvester

Japan through the eyes of Nigel Sylvester. It’s VERY dope.

Lisa Scinta

This is better than the original!

Floating In Air

Amanda Diva

amanda diva para avirex!
Say hello to Ms. Amanda Diva. This renaissance woman from Orlando definitely has true talent, whether its vocally or through a painted canvas, and let’s not forget she acted as well. Diva has managed to always stay relevant through music, poetry, art, and TV meaning that her Columbia University degree didn’t go to waste. With the media world on a rotisserie most people that what to strive in the entertainment industry often lose their way. Its always great to see someone especially a woman of color be able to transcend race and gender in an extremely tough industry. The songstress/artist was anointed one of Grey Goose’s Raising Icons, other nominees include B.o.B, ELEW, Estelle, J. Cole, Jay Sean, Jeremih, Laura Izibor, and Melanie Fiona. The difference between Amanda Diva and her counterparts is that she was selected based on her artwork. More of her work in all facets are after the jump.

Jonathan Mannion At Milk Studios

Storm Freerun

The most amazing freerunning I’ve ever seen. TRUST ME.