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Taken by Andy J. Scott


Scott Schuman

Mr. Scott Schuman
This is the creator of one of my favorite fashion blogs, you may know it as The Sartorialist. More pics below.

Loved Sin

Taken by Basilio Silva

Urban Nomad

Taken by Shirley Yu

Black & White Visage

Taken by Dimitris Theocharis

William Yan

Meet William Yan. The NYC-based photographer & blogger covers various events in New York. Outside of just taking pics at events he also does shoots for magazines such as Complex & Interview and others. His style of photography is very playful and personable which make for great pictures. All his event pics make you feel as you were there since he lives nothing uncovered. I’m still waiting for him to take a picture of me seeing that we’ve been to a lot of the same events, but I disgress. More of his work below.